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Easy Metrics Versus Real-Life Calculus

I’ve always hated those annoying people who have “500+” LinkedIn connections. Obviously that meant I had to become one of them. So, last year, as a half-joke, I made that a yearly goal. I didn’t make my goal, but that’s okay because if you make your goals 100% of the time, you’re not setting ambitious

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Starting Over

Where My PhDs At?

On October 12, I gave a presentation to some Vanderbilt history PhDs, covering the steps they’d need to take to find non-academic employment. In it, I emphasized the need to network, both because you were never going to get a job with just a resume, and because eventually, you’d need to find someone who would

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Look At These Great Thai Eggplants

Aren’t they great? I imagine you might have some questions. Q: Wait, is this a food blog now?¬† A: No, it’s not. I do cook a lot, though, and there may be more food pictures for a while. I like food. I like taking pictures of food. It’s soothing. Q: Eggplants, though? Really? Yes, really.

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Product, UX, Content: Some Thoughts on Titles (and Venn Diagrams)

When I talk to folks interested in tech careers, as I did last month, I’m reminded how utterly baffling tech job titles can be. For example, I’ll mention to folks that I’m looking for a role in Product or User Experience, but that I’d also be happy doing Content Strategy. Non-tech folks then have to

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