Quiz Generator for Latin Teachers

research, ui, ux

The Problem

Latin teachers need a way to generate random quizzes on the material they are using; if they re-use the same passages over and over again, students are tempted to memorize the translation. My user research began with a Latin lecturer I knew, who described this as one of her pain points. Talking to other Latin teachers, I found the same complaint.

The Solution

Because The Aeneid is standard, and because there’s a cool Aeneid API now online, I created a quick quiz generator:


I used this project as a way to explore lighter-weight frameworks than Bootstrap or Foundation; I’ve used those, and while they’re good, they bring a lot of code. Right now I’m using Skeleton, though I may change that now that I see the font on a larger screen. I also used it to get up to speed on some HTML5 validation concepts.

The Result

I haven’t gotten any user feedback yet, though I’m waiting to see this semester’s results.