Custom WordPress Theming

visual design, wordpress

Most small clients don’t have the means to buy an entirely custom site. In those cases, it’s my job to make sure they understand their options, focus on defining their needs, and find out what they know about their users. I also help them define what aesthetic they’re going for, even if I won’t be designing the site.

Honestly, a lot of custom WordPress work comes down to knowing what you can get from a theme, what you can’t, and whether it’s a good idea to change things. That’s what I brought to my clients, and I’ll give two examples here.

Walking Papers Media

In order to get their business pitch ready before SXSW, the owners of Austin startup Walking Papers Media (a company that combined paper maps with mobile business sites) needed a brand new site in under two weeks. I found a theme that looked slick, worked with their existing logo, and required minimal modification. The company, alas, is no more, but it was great fun working the creatives involved.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.48.35 AMAustin Dental Jobs

In the case of Austin Dental jobs, the client was not nearly as concerned with slick presentation; she needed a straightforward site with separate contact forms for offices and professionals. With a limited budget to work with, I modified a pre-existing theme and helped the client choose stock photos.