Custom Artist Site


Scott Debus is a Charleston artist who had bought a domain,, but didn’t really know what he planned to do with it. After talking with Scott, I found that he wanted an online portfolio for his multimedia work; in addition to his individual pieces, he organized a yearly event. He had two audiences: potential buyers (which he needed to be non-local as apparently Charleston isn’t the best place to sell weird art) and judges at the juried art competitions he entered. For the latter audience, he needed some biographical content. He also had an old blog he wanted to keep up.

I found a minimalist WordPress theme that would allow his arresting art to speak for itself. It was also cutting edge (at the time) in that it was already fully responsive, looked great on every device, and allowed posts to have video and audio.



A lot of the work we did for was in creating a taxonomy for Scott’s art and projects. Though he didn’t have the resources for a full-on card sort, we did an impromptu sorting session with groups of artist and non-artist friends. We came up with categories that reflected both general themes, and important projects he’d done: