Look At These Great Thai Eggplants

thai eggplants on a towel
Thai eggplants.

Aren’t they great?

I imagine you might have some questions.

Q: Wait, is this a food blog now? 

A: No, it’s not. I do cook a lot, though, and there may be more food pictures for a while. I like food. I like taking pictures of food. It’s soothing.

Q: Eggplants, though? Really?

Yes, really.

Q: But…

Nope, we’re focusing on the eggplants right now.

Q: Aren’t there better things to do than photograph cool eggplants? 

Quite possibly! But effective better things take time to plan. It’s strategic, like a really complex menu plan, and for the time being, I’m focusing on the day-to-day meals (bourbon and red velvet cupcakes) and snacks (nicotine gum). Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Rebel Alliance, har har, totally kidding about that. The nice thing about cooking is that you can totally think about other things while you’re doing it if you want to.

Q: So is there anything special about these eggplants, other than that they’re small?

Probably not. I’m just excited because I’ve never tried them before, and I found a recipe that called for them as well as a place that sells them, and they’re so gosh darned small and green. And I have to agree with David Lebovitz that they have a “snappy little crunch”, compared to other eggplants.