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Gary Buslik did his PhD the right way

I was just reading about Gary Buslik, the millionaire who sold his company to go back to grad school and teach lit. I guess we’re all supposed to be super-impressed by his “sacrifice.” Or maybe not — the main gist of the article seems to be how he made his millions.

I’m terribly jealous, I admit. The man got his BA in English, sure. But he sold out first, then went to grad school. As someone attempting to the do the opposite, I gotta say I think his way is better.

Now some might argue that this would keep the humanities in the hands of the elite. Well, I’ve got news for everyone: it already is, and has been for centuries. Paying professors a pittance to do CEO-level work pretty much guarantees that anyone in the game has a trust fund. Or that they’re stupid enough to think that sacrificing their financial security is a good idea.

Do you really want these people educating your children?