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A Day in The Good Life


“The Good Life” is a popular title for ancient philosophy courses. For the Greeks, a good day involved a combination of doing something useful for your city and having some leisure time to philosophize. And being rich, or course, because otherwise you’d be, you know, working hard to pay the bills. So, for us middle-class moderns,

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Academia vs. the Real World, Round One


It’s been just over a year since I moved back to Austin. This was supposed to be an end-of-the-year post, but now it’s a beginning-of-the-year post. Last month I helped a client who needed a website, STAT. The business was going to be mentioned in an industry publication, and we had three days. To me,

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Call Me Superstitious


I once spent a summer in Italy on an archaeological dig; in the evenings after we finished work, a group of us would read Plato in Greek — and yes, it was lovely, but the university’s awesome policies put everyone in debt so don’t get too misty about it. We finished The Phaedo but not The Apology. On the

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You Gonna Use That?


At a recent job interview, the interviewer asked about my PhD. He was in the process of getting one himself, so at least he wasn’t freaked out by it, but we had an amusing (to me) interaction when I told him I wasn’t planning on doing any more teaching. “So you’re not going to use

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Guest Post: Death of a Soul (On Campus)


Dr. Karen Kelsky, my guest author today, not only left after getting tenure, she left after becoming the head of a department. And she’s even willing to admit that there’s some good in academia, but has no tolerance for delusion — which is why I asked her to post here. She’s also started a business,

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