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A Day in The Good Life


“The Good Life” is a popular title for ancient philosophy courses.¬†For the Greeks, a good day involved a combination of doing something useful for your city and having some leisure time to philosophize. And being rich, or course, because otherwise you’d be, you know, working hard to pay the bills. So, for us middle-class moderns,

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Where’s WoPro?

Realizations are the worst. —Liz Lemon   Ooops, it’s been a month. Funny how that happens. Lots of conversations lately about how to balance love and money, art and commerce, following your passion vs. being a grownup who can’t afford to fuck up your credit rating anymore. Some at SXSW, some elsewhere. Anyway, I’m not

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Academia vs. the Real World, Round One


It’s been just over a year since I moved back to Austin. This was supposed to be an end-of-the-year post, but now it’s a beginning-of-the-year post. Last month I helped a client who needed a website, STAT. The business was going to be mentioned in an industry publication, and we had three days. To me,

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Some ‘Splainin To Do


I’m still tweaking format stuff, but I’m not fighting with domain transfers and DNS servers so I thought I’d explain more about what happened during the hiatus. In the first place, I decided the blog had become too education-y. Not that I’ve ever needed much of an excuse to speak my mind about fools trying

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