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If You Want Something Done, Part 1: Getting Ovid into JSON

A couple of weeks ago, I was complaining about the lack of APIs for Classics authors that weren’t Vergil. And I knew, in my heart of hearts, what that meant. I’ve known for quite a while that when anyone says, “Someone should really do/make/code X thing…” the only answer is, “Yes, you should do that, because nobody

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Digital Humanities, Dead Languages, and Real-World Web Business, or, How Do I Get Ovid on Twitter?

Note: this is cross-posted on the University of Texas Linguistics Research Center blog. And after publishing I had a really interesting Twitter conversation that also pointed me to some new resources. I spent this weekend in Vancouver, at IA Summit. “IA” is short for information architecture, a discipline whose purpose is organizing web information for humans. That

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