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Classics In The Wild


Earlier this week, someone asked Twitter about the plural of ethos, rightly suspecting the Apple dictionary wasn’t up to snuff. .@JoeYerardi i'm gonna punt for "philosophies", since i don't know greek noun declension. — Ted Han (@knowtheory) July 18, 2013 I told him (it’s ethea), and promptly had a flashback. I mean, it used to be my actual

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Video Free Texas

I am not a journalist. I just code near them. Before learning to code, I was trained as a historian, and because of that training, I get uneasy when people proclaim that “we’re making history!”  Look, it’s impossible know what will look historically significant in a couple of centuries, so let’s not get too excited.

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What Digital Humanities Could Learn from Journalism


Last week, I asked Twitter whether anyone was teaching humanists to code. The answer was a resounding “no”, with one or two suggestions that, hey, that would be a really cool idea. Yeah, it would. I know that because there’s already a program – several, actually – teaching journalists to code. I mentored at one

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Three-Column Layout? Try Six-Column Layout!


I’m giving a lighting talk on ancient design at tomorrow’s Dionysium, and people keep asking me if I’m going to talk about columns. Strangely, I had the exact same thought when I started to think about what I would say: Jeez, I guess I’m gonna have to talk about columns now. In reality, that’s not true.

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People Doing It Right, Part 4


It’s been a while since I’ve talked about people doing things right. (For those of you just joining me, I occasionally try to “stay positive” by highlighting awesome things. Particularly, awesome things that succeed in getting average folks interested in various learn-y topics.  I reserve the right to be extremely picky, so you haven’t missed

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