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Three-Column Layout? Try Six-Column Layout!


I’m giving a lighting talk on ancient design at tomorrow’s Dionysium, and people keep asking me if I’m going to talk about columns. Strangely, I had the exact same thought when I started to think about what I would say: Jeez, I guess I’m gonna have to talk about columns now. In reality, that’s not true.

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A Day in The Good Life


“The Good Life” is a popular title for ancient philosophy courses. For the Greeks, a good day involved a combination of doing something useful for your city and having some leisure time to philosophize. And being rich, or course, because otherwise you’d be, you know, working hard to pay the bills. So, for us middle-class moderns,

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Science is a belief in the ignorance of experts –Richard Feynman It’s been a helluva couple weeks, but I’ve been meaning to report on the January Dionysium. Our theme was science, and Richard Feynman in particular. Right off the bat, Dr. Carl Feierabend gave us a brief history of action, from Aristotle to the present day. Then

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