Month: October 2011


The Department of Evil Studies


Dr. $hiraz sent me a story in honor of Halloween. In case you were wondering how universities really operated… THE DEPARTMENT OF EVIL STUDIES Epic is the lie that tells the truth.  Satire is its snarky younger sibling. Any resemblance to people living or undead is incredibly coincidental. The department hires a new assistant professor

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More Effective Humor: Keep Wall Street Occupied Video


I have a horrible confession to make: I don’t like protests. Shouting and large crowds are two of my least favorite things and I’m also not sure it’s, y’know, working? Yes, yes, I get the idea of being a visible presence, but this assumes people with influence will a) notice and b) care. On the contrary,

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Finish This Joke: Non-Educators Running Education Policy….


Jokes are my favorite form of communication because they get across complex ideas in seconds flat. There’s a particularly effective joke structure that Freud called “the novel association of two elements.” My favorite example: Eddie Izzard’s declaration that “oranges are Stalinist fuckers.” You probably haven’t heard those two ideas connected before. But there’s also some logic to

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Crimson Newsflash: Facebooking Students Entirely Your Fault!


F everyone’s I, students Facebooking in class is educators’ own fault. Oh, don’t worry, there’s “science” behind this, if by science you mean an article in the Harvard Crimson claiming that student Facebooking is inversely proportional to how awesome a teacher is. (In Dr. Evil voice) Riiiiiiiight. Been there, done that. Torn gazes from Facebook again and again. Seem

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Yup, We’re Tired


On the Facebook page I recently posted the Gizmodo article, “Generation X is Tired of Your Bullshit.” Every Gen-Xer I know fell madly in love with its combination of sly Reality Bites references and cranky cynicism. But more than anything, we collectively nodded in recognition: we’re tired. And the thing about Gen Y is that it

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