Hello! My name is Amanda Krauss.

What I Do

I’m sometime programmer, oft-times researcher, and full-time leader. I’m happiest when helping teams to make thoughtful decisions about what we choose build and how we choose to build it. If you need to put me somewhere in the UX diagram, I think I’m at the tech and product edges of UX (at least currently.) I don’t really care what we call it, to be honest  — more on that here — but I do care about making strategic, ethical decisions and measuring success in appropriate ways. If you’d like to see a a full résumé, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


As Christina Wodtke noted, “Being a good manager is 90% having a series of difficult conversations.” I’m good at those, and also good at inspiring folks to do their best work towards a common goal. It doesn’t hurt that I used to be a professor; I’m research-driven, a good public speaker, and I love the challenge of bringing different stakeholders to consensus.


Before you worry about technology stacks, you need to be clear about your project goals and your definition of success. We’ll focus on the problems you’re trying to solve, rather than choosing technical solutions first. And when it comes time to choose the solution, we won’t jump for the shiniest new product on the block.

Promote Best Practices

To achieve your digital goals, you need to allow your design to be data-driven, and your development to be user-centered. Sometimes it’s hard to hear honest feedback from the people you think you’re serving — but it’s essential! While you’re at it, you’ll want to make sure readers are clicking that beautifully designed button, and can read that awesome font on mobile.